--> Triple Bypass Open-Heart Surgery forces us to
find good homes for 20 of our 22 beloved
four-legged friends...
--> Chihuahuas, Chimos (Chihuahua/Miniature
American Eskimo), Bichon Frise, English
Setter (with significant Llewellyn influence),
Chorgis ((Chihuahua/Corgi), Large
Papillon, and others.
--> Ages range for end of April, up to 2 1/2
--> Prices range from $200 to $350.
--> Come by any time between 9:30am and dusk, 7
days a week, and see these gorgeous
doggies at play.
--> Never caged or chained, all our dogs have the
run of 10 acres of country fields and bush
and are in superb physical condition.
--> All are 'intact', in perfect health, paper-trained,
and being raised as a 'pack', are well socialized
to interact with other animals, even cats!
NAME in pink = Female NAME in blue = Male
------------------------------- ----------------------------
Fluffy-Bunny :
Fluffy Bunny is an adorable Bichon cross (she has the beauty of the Bichon but her fur does not require special grooming as regular brushing is sufficient). She is an independent soul, gets along with all her furry friends and has the dark penetrating eyes that make us love her so much. $350.
Bootie & Apache :
Bootie is a short-haired Chihuahua with, as you might expect, lovely black and tan markings with the four white paws (boots). She bonds very closely with humans and is a wonderful mother to her pups. She is just under 4 years old... $250.
Apache (ApaCHI) is a stunning little fellow with brown and tan markings (Chihuahua). Though very small he keeps up with the others on their runs and is thus very fit. He loves to cuddle and, like all the chis, spends much of his time with the other Chihuahuas ? a pack within a pack... $350. SOLD.
Blizzard :
span>Blizzard is an outstanding long-haired Chimo (Chihuahua/Miniature American Eskimo) and is unbelievably handsome. He would be all right on his own as he adores human companionship as much as his canine friends. He is the definitive lapdog ? will stay there for hours if you let him. He is also fiercely protective of both his pack and ?his? humans. A totally adorable dog who is now just under 2 years. $350
Kodiak :
Kodiak is an energetic happy Chorgi with auburn fur tipped with brown. Though playful with his packmates he loves his time with humans and is happy to get as much affection as possible. Kody is a quiet pup as well... $300.
Chopper :
Chopper is the Alpha of the pack. He is a Bichon and is almost five years old. He is protective of his pack but affectionate with them as well. He is not overly-dominant and loves his daily hugs and ear-scratches. He is very social and would do best with another dog in the family... $300.
Lily & Grizzly :
Lily, a beautiful example of a Chorgi, is the consummate loving dog ? she is patient, gentle and a wonderful mother. She is playful and affectionate and gets along with all. Lily is almost four years old... $250.
Grizzly, Lily's pup, is the Papa Bear of the trio of littermates. He has outstanding markings and fur as soft as silk ? he has brown fur with black tips and a white shield under his chin. He loves people and snuggles close with his human parents... $300.
Gillian :---------
This girl is a skilled, trained hunter who we rescued from an abusive environment. She can run down jack rabbits and hares with ease and has outstanding stamina. Gillian absolutely needs a rural home with lots of room to run and roam. If you hunt with any game with dogs, she's your choice! We have been very successful in 'converting' her from an outdoor-only hunter into a loving and affectionate, if-somewhat-large, lapdog when she's not hunting. $300.
M'Lady :
M?Lady is a purebred Papillon (ear tattoo) who is elegant both in appearance and in demeanour. She is a gorgeous beauty and would be all right in a single dog home ? she loves her pack mates but is quite happy to be the singular centre of attention even more... $200.
Irish :
Irish is a male Border Collie/Papillon cross. Both of these dog breeds are in the top 10 smartest of all so he and his litter mates are very astute. He is tan and white with terrific markings including the freckles on his nose that gave him his name! He is also more of a loner than some and would be fine in a one dog household... $200.
Apache :
----------This little guy is the smallest of the litter and has softer colours than his siblings. Like all chi pups, he doesn't let his size deter him from playing with our largest dogs, a couple of which he can walk under! ...$350. SOLD!